Special Needs Child Care Services in Oak Brook, IL

Every child is unique in their own way, and for those with special needs, we are here to give that extra dose of love and care. Our mission is simple: to meet all their requirements with warmth and compassion. We aim to create a safe space for every child, regardless of their health conditions. We are your devoted caregivers, dedicated to the well-being of every special needs child placed in our care.

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What is Care for Children With Special Needs?

Care for children with special needs is a loving approach designed to support kids with disabilities or developmental challenges. Childcare providers specializing in this area follow the child’s development and abilities. They know how to adapt their assistance to every unique situation.

This specialized care helps children with cognitive impairment. They require extra attention in their daily lives. Our quality care for children with special needs goes beyond routine child care. Usually, we need to gather specific information from parents or chosen doctors to proceed. We aim to create a warm environment where every child can live their best life, ensuring a journey that nurtures their individuality and growth.

What Are the Benefits of Special Needs Care for Children?

The biggest advantage of special needs home care is having a staff with specialized knowledge and training to work with the kids. This enables them to enjoy, grow, and learn at their own tempo.


Special needs care empowers children to express themselves authentically. With the right support, they can learn to articulate thoughts and emotions better. This builds a strong foundation for effective communication.


We will celebrate your kid's every achievement, big or small. This continuous positive feedback boosts their self-esteem. It fosters confidence that positively affects various aspects of a child's life.

Social Skills Development

Children with special needs learn to communicate better through engaging activities. With dedicated care, your kids can develop great social skills and foster relationships with friends. We're here to help them achieve that.


We always work alongside parents, actively seeking insights into the child's unique needs. This way, we ensure that the child's care plan aligns with your values. We appreciate your input and strive to be there for you every moment.

Adaptive Learning

Children with special needs grasp concepts at their own pace. We can help with their skill development, adapting our approach to suit their learning pace. Don't worry - we will ensure each child fully understands and applies what they learn.

Inclusive Activities

Children feel a sense of belonging and acceptance when they participate in diverse activities. We will gladly include adaptive sports, art projects with all sorts of materials, and group games adjusted for different skill levels.

Unique Needs? We Provide Unique Care.

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Why Choose Home Care, Inc. As Your Special Needs Care Service Provider?

Home Care, Inc. is here to offer compassion, friendship, and understanding to every parent and every kid who needs our help. Living with a disability is never easy, and we are there for you – no matter what.

Every childcare provider at Home Care, Inc. specializes in taking care of kids like yours, ensuring they receive all the needed attention. Your child isn’t just another case to us – they are a friend, and we want to build an environment where they can learn and thrive alongside other children. We have experience working with kids of all ages, so you can trust that your child is in safe hands – always.

What Special Needs Home Care Services Do You Provide?

We provide various personal care services to ensure our clients feel comfortable and safe. We are here to offer support with daily tasks, from helping with individual needs to assisting with mobility.


Mobility Assistance

We assist with mobility for successful daily activities. Whether it is a school appointment or exploring their surroundings, we want to help your child move comfortably and with confidence.


Personal Care Assistance

We wish only the best for all children with identified special needs. We will talk with your child and help with daily tasks, fostering their independence. From personal hygiene to daily activities, we’re here to provide comprehensive care.


Household Chores

We assist with various household chores – it is all part of our program. From tidying up spaces to handling daily tasks, we will take care of your home. It will stay a safe space for your kid every day.


Meal Preparation and Feeding

Our caregivers will take care of meal preparation and feeding, focusing on your child’s needs. We consider factors such as age and preferences to make every dining experience positive and enjoyable.


Respite Care

Our respite care services offer a valuable break for your family caregiver. Eligible for kids of all ages, our program sets an example of thorough care. Positive outcomes are sure for every person involved.



Beyond caregiving, we offer companionship to enhance the social and emotional well-being of your child. We want to foster independence, especially for children facing autism or cerebral palsy.

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Every Child Deserves Love, Warmth, and a Caring Friend.

What Our Clients' Families Have to Say

Frequent Questions About Disabled Children's Care

Special needs child care provides trained caregivers who will address specific disabilities, providing support beyond general home care. General home care services focus more on basic daily tasks and assistance.

In our honest opinion, you should look for a caregiver who has experience within the range of that particular disability.

If more than one caregiver is available, then yes – you can choose.

Home care services for children with special needs cost $35 per hour and up.

Yes, but we are only in a network with Long-Term Care (LTC) Insurance or Veterans Affairs (VA).

Yes. We offer short-term relief to parents or caregivers, ensuring they rest well and get all the needed support.

You can regularly share updates about your child’s needs and progress with us. Be proactive in expressing your preferences and concerns – we will always listen to you. This way, we can keep our care plan flexible and responsive to your child’s evolving requirements.

Try involving your child in daily tasks, gradually increasing their responsibilities. Support your child’s growing independence by nurturing their confidence. Regularly assess and adjust the care plan with your home care team to ensure it aligns with your child’s needs and goals.