Post-Surgery Recovery Care in Oak Brook, IL

Everyone at Home Care, Inc. knows how hard the post-op recovery process can be. That is why we are here – to make sure your loved ones return to their normal life as soon as possible. We are your trusted in-home caring provider in Oak Brook, IL, who is always there to guide you on your healing journey. With our thorough, caring approach, we will provide the best possible postoperative care to avoid complications. No matter when you need us, we are just a call away.

Let’s Walk The Path To Healing Together.

What is Post-Surgery Care?

Post-surgery care is the gentle assistance provided after a medical procedure. It is very important for outpatient surgery because it ensures people can safely return to normal activities in a timely manner. The postoperative period is crucial, and we want to make it pain-free, loving, and efficient for everyone.

Don’t worry – we will follow the doctor’s instructions, ensuring our client is healing properly. This includes attending all follow-up appointments to monitor progress. If there is any prescription pain medication that must be included, we will take care of it, too. We will ensure they drink plenty of water, rest as much as needed, and take pain medication as prescribed. With us, your beloved family member is always in safe hands.

What Are the Benefits of Post-Surgery Care?

Post-surgery care is essential in the journey to recovery after a hospital stay. It ensures optimal follow-up care and provides a supportive environment. We are here to help individuals heal effectively and resume normal activity at their own pace, all while being closely monitored and guided.

Reduced Risk of Complications

After leaving the hospital, there are many risks, including blood clots, bleeding, nausea, and more. Some patients may feel tired, others may feel nauseated, and some must take pain relievers regularly. That is why we are here - to ensure no complications while they are recovering.

Nutrition Guidance

The right food and supplies can make all the difference in how swiftly someone recovers. We are here to take care of it all. Our professional caregivers will provide nutrition guidance to help your loved ones thrive during their recovery. With the proper meals, they will regain strength in no time!

Assistance With Activities

We will kindly assist and provide a steady hand with physical activity. Every patient feels respected and loved in our care, regardless of their physical condition. If their doctor, nurse, or surgeon suggests a physical therapist, we will work closely with them, too.

Lowered Infection Risk

When your family members are under our care, we will closely monitor them for any signs of infection. We will also ensure they are taking medication as prescribed. With loving, expert guidance, the risk of post-surgical infections is minimal.

With Home Care, Inc.,

Every Day Is A Step Forward

Why Choose Home Care, Inc. as Your Post-Surgery Care Service Provider?

When your family member comes home after surgery, they need someone who will pour all their heart into taking care of them. It is especially true after being under general anesthesia, and the body is weakened. Now is the time to regain strength slowly but surely, and we will be there every step of the way.

When you choose Home Care, Inc., you are choosing dedicated, kind professionals who truly love their job. No matter what kind of post-operative care your loved one needs, we will take care of every single detail. We will guide elders through certain exercises, helping them regain strength and mobility faster. We will ensure they are taking their medications. If they have a specific plan that needs to be followed in the next days, weeks, or months after surgery, we will comply with everything.

You can expect only the utmost commitment from us. If you have any other questions, we are more than happy to answer. We are here for you today and always.

What Post-Surgery Care Services Do You Provide?

We are here to fill every step toward healing with love, support, and understanding. Our genuine care is reflected in everything we do, in every service we offer, and in every new journey we take.


Pain Management

Post-surgery pain can be very tough. We want to make this period as painless as possible, and we will do everything we can to put our clients’ comfort first. We are always attentive to the needs and concerns of your loved ones.


Medication Reminders

Not taking medication as prescribed can slow recovery, and we are here to ensure that never happens. We are always on top of our schedule, so your family member will take their medicine on time every day. It is vital for their healing process.


Nutritional Support

Good nutrition speeds up healing, and who does not love delicious, yummy food? We assist with meal planning, so your family members will always have a balanced diet that helps them recover. We will provide the right food for all their specific needs.


Mobility Assistance

After surgery, moving around can be hard, especially for older people. We are here to help with everything. Our caregivers assist with getting up, sitting down, and daily movements, all while being respectful and kind.

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Emotional Support

Recovery is not just physical – it is so much more than that. Every patient needs kindness, comfort, and companionship. Feeling supported emotionally can make the healing process much easier. We are truly blessed to be a part of their journey to full health.

What Our Clients' Families Have to Say

Frequent Questions About Elderly Post-Surgery Care

Some of our caregivers are Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs), and some have the experience that qualifies them to care for certain post-surgery clients. Every caregiver goes through various training that has been approved by the Illinois Department of Health (IDPH). Each caregiver must have empathy, respect, kindness, and patience.

We can assist with medication, but we can’t assist with wound care. Wound care is considered a skilled service, and only a nurse can provide such services.

We encourage family members to partake in the care planning process, giving us needed insights into the patient’s needs and recovery goals. Open communication does wonders, and we always value family input.

Yes, for sure. Our services are flexible and can be adjusted based on your evolving needs throughout the recovery process.

Post-surgery home care typically costs $40 per hour and up.

Yes, our post-surgery home care supports stroke survivors. We can customize our stroke care services to address the unique needs and challenges associated with stroke recovery.