Companion Care for Seniors in Oak Brook, IL

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Welcome to Home Care, Inc. where we do our best every day to make the lives of older adults better, brighter, and happier. Based in the beautiful Oak Brook, IL, we are here to offer support, companionship, and love to those who need it the most. As a great alternative to a nursing home, senior care at home can be a true blessing both for our clients and their families. To us, compassionate care and devotion are the promises we intend to keep – always.

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What is Companion Care?

Companion care focuses on providing emotional support, companionship, and socialization to individuals, primarily seniors. As they age, older people may become isolated or require assistance with daily activities. That is where companion care takes place.

We truly believe in assisting clients like they are our own family members. Every caregiver at Home Care, Inc. gives their whole heart to make your dear ones feel safe, happy, and loved. We tailor our care plans to every individual and do our best to understand their needs and ensure their well-being. Providing companionship is our primary goal for senior citizens, especially those with health problems. We promise – they will never be alone when we care for them.

What Are the Benefits of Companion Care for Seniors?

Companion care for seniors offers a warm friendship that helps with loneliness. It provides peace of mind to families and enriches the daily lives of older adults, making each day brighter, safer, and more positive.

Genuine Friendship

Everyone needs a friend. We all deserve a genuine human connection - someone to engage with in a meaningful conversation and someone who will listen. Our professional caregivers are here to offer their best care, ensuring trust, support, and open communication every single day.

Emotional Support

A caring presence is an essential part of in-home care. Emotional support is a big factor in mental health, and we are here to make sure our clients always feel valued, cherished, and respected. We will provide comfort, understanding, and a friendly shoulder to lean on, no matter what.

Better Quality of Life

Our trained caregivers will create a personalized care plan to help seniors live their best lives. Whether your loved one is dealing with memory loss, has trouble with mobility, or requires assistance with bathing and other personal tasks, we are here to help. All of their needs will be met with our utmost attention.


When you entrust a member of your family to someone, your primary concern is - will they be safe, and will everything be okay? We promise to prioritize their safety at all times. You can rest assured because, with Home Care, Inc., your loved ones are in caring, capable hands every day of the week.


There is nothing like the comfort of one's own home, and we want to help our clients keep their freedom and autonomy while living in a familiar environment. We assist with daily tasks, allowing seniors to maintain their physical independence. We know how important it is for every individual.

Preventive Care

Our caregivers, available from a few hours to 24/7, are here to assist with all preventive care needs for the elderly. We will take care of their needs and treat them with the same level of kindness and compassion as you would. Our job is to make sure our clients stay healthy, happy, and safe daily.

We Love, We Care, We Cherish –

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What Are the Benefits of Companion Care for Seniors?


We always work closely with family members to make sure we are doing everything we can for their aging loved ones. Don’t worry – every little detail will be taken care of. We are here to do the grocery shopping, meal preparation, laundry, light housekeeping, and all the needed appointments.

With us, your dear ones are in the best possible hands. Our caregivers are devoted to full-time care, providing comfort, friendship, and genuine human contact. We know how hard it can be for older adults to face Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, social isolation, and other challenges that naturally come with old age. We want to be there for them, no matter what.

Our Home Care, Inc. team consists of compassionate individuals who will take their time to sit, listen, and do their jobs right. We know that small conversations and shared laughs with a cup of warm tea or coffee can make all the difference. With us, the elderly will keep their freedom while enjoying the comfort of their own homes – that is our promise.

What Companion Care Services Do You Provide?

We provide warm, honest companionship, ensuring a friendly environment where seniors feel heard and valued. Here is the list of the services we offer, always with your loved one’s well-being in mind.




Who does not love board games, puzzles, chess, or some crosswords? We sure do, and we are more than happy to engage with our clients and have a great time playing. Whether they prefer sudoku, various memory games, or some fun online games like Mahjong or Catan, we are looking forward to a wonderful time together!




A warm smile or a helping hand can go a long way. That is the beauty of companionship – the beauty of our job, and we are proud to be able to do it. We are your local, friendly caregivers, always ready to take care of your dear ones and make their lives more fulfilling.



Visit Family and Friends

Visiting family and friends is especially important for seniors. Seeing well-known faces helps to diminish the feelings of loneliness and isolation. Sharing time with people who matter is incredibly rewarding, and we will be there to hold their hand throughout every journey.




The power of socialization knows no bounds. We can organize social activities according to individual preferences. Whether your loved one adores nice, relaxing walks or has some interesting hobbies, we are here to make every moment special.




Managing all the heavy bags alone is no easy task – we know that. But shopping doesn’t have to be a difficult activity. We can make it enjoyable by providing a strong, helping hand. Don’t worry – we guarantee stress-free shopping!



Go for Walks

Walking is an essential activity, especially for older people. It helps with weight regulation, lowers the risk of heart disease and diabetes, and strengthens bones. We are here to watch their every step and make sure they have a wonderful experience – every time.

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Frequent Questions About Elderly Companion Care

Anyone seeking companionship and assistance with daily activities can benefit. Companion care is ideal for seniors, individuals recovering from illness, or those feeling lonely and needing social interaction.

Signs may include social withdrawal, increased forgetfulness, or mood changes. If your loved one experiences loneliness, struggles with daily tasks, or shows signs of depression, companion care may be helpful.

Companion care includes companionship, assistance with daily activities, transportation, meal preparation, and medication reminders. Our caregivers offer emotional support and engage in various activities.

Yes, you can meet caregivers in person. However, there is a $50 fee charged for the meeting. If you’re meeting the caregiver electronically, such as via Zoom, that is free of charge.

Companion care focuses on non-medical support and companionship. Nursing care involves medical tasks performed by licensed professionals. While companion care enhances daily living, nursing care addresses specific health needs.

Companion care is a subset of caregiver care. Caregiver care encompasses a broader range, including personal care tasks. Companion care focuses on companionship, social interaction, and assistance with non-medical activities.

No, companion care and personal care are not the same. Companion care focuses on companionship and non-medical assistance, while personal care involves tasks like bathing, dressing, and grooming. Personal care is more extensive in meeting physical needs.

Companion care helps with social interaction, reduces isolation, and provides assistance with daily activities. It fosters emotional well-being and contributes to an overall quality of life for seniors.

Yes, our companion care services are available seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Companion care typically costs $35 per hour and up.

Yes, but we are only in a network with Long-Term Care (LTC) Insurance or Veterans Affairs (VA).

The minimum is 1 hour, and the maximum is 24 hours a day.

Yes, companion care can be temporary, particularly in post-surgery care. After surgery, your loved one might need extra help at home during their recovery period. This is where temporary companion care comes in.

The benefits of agency-hired companion caregivers are that they’re vetted, trained, and supervised by professional agencies. They are reliable, accountable, and have backup support, while private hires lack these agency benefits.

This can potentially lead to inconsistencies in care and accountability. Therefore, opting for in-home care services with professional, agency-hired caregivers is a better choice.