Personal Care for Seniors in Oak Brook, IL

Every family wants the best for their aging loved ones. We know how much you care for them because we do, too. We provide personal home care assistance for the individual needs of seniors in lovely Oak Brook, IL, and we are here to bring love and warmth into their daily lives. We are Home Care, Inc., and with us, the safety and well-being of your loved one is guaranteed. We will ensure they are always taken care of by our trained, dedicated caregivers.

Your Family is Our Family, Too.

What is Personal Care?

Personal care is the loving act of providing non-medical care to those who need it within the comfort of their own homes. We know that families want their loved ones to remain in familiar surroundings, and our in-home care is created exactly for that.

We are here to provide assistance with physical tasks like bathing, dressing, preparing meals and aiding with other daily activities. We will offer a helping hand whenever needed. Our professional caregivers provide only the best care, giving you peace of mind every single day. We are here to enrich every life and help people remain independent as long as possible.

What Are the Benefits of Personal Care for Seniors?

Personal care enables seniors to lead a fulfilling life, ensuring comfort and a trusted person to assist with anything. Through private home care, your loved ones get the privilege of staying in their cherished places. We are responsible for their overall well-being, ensuring they always have someone by their side.

Personalized Care

The beauty of personalized care is in its adaptability to each individual's needs. We can create a unique plan for every client, caring about their preferences, physical health, and other conditions. It is our job to ensure they feel cherished, content, and at peace all the time.

Safe Environment

A safe environment has the power to promote healing and well-being. A warm house is a sanctuary for seniors, especially those recovering from a hospital stay. Age brings vulnerabilities, and companion care is vital in ensuring your dear ones are as happy and safe as they can be.


The comfort of your own home feels like an inviting, familiar hug. That is where home care agencies can truly do wonders. We provide the much-needed companionship to foster a sense of belonging even more. In the end, comfort is not just a cozy space - it is the people who make it feel like home.

Reduced Loneliness

Loneliness can be hard for anyone, but it can be especially hard for seniors. Personal home care assistance can fill those quiet moments with genuine conversation, laughter, shared jokes, and so much more. We are here to make sure your loved one never feels lonely again.

Mobility Assistance

As we grow older, moving can become challenging sometimes. That is why mobility assistance matters so much. It is like the reassuring hand of a trusted friend, always ready to support. Whether your dear ones want to go for a brisk walk, grocery shopping, or simply need help around the house - we are here.

Health Monitoring

The greatest benefit of health monitoring is that it minimizes the risks of severe illness. Timely interventions are extremely important. We will watch for any health changes and let the family members know if something seems off. We are here to help and make sure everything's okay.

Warmth and Care Are Just a Call Away

Why Choose Home Care, Inc. As Your Personal Care Service Provider?

When you choose Home Care, Inc., you are choosing a team that truly cares. We will do our best to ensure a safe and loving environment where everything feels just right.

Keeping a home nice and tidy matters. Our professional caregivers will help with all daily needs, including light housekeeping and even yard work. Moreover, all our caregivers are insured and well-qualified to provide all kinds of non-medical services. This means peace of mind for both our clients and their families.

Having a trusted caregiver at home helps individuals keep their independence, all while receiving the help they need. Companionship is a truly beautiful thing, and we are here to share stories, laugh together, and make every day brighter.

What Personal Care Services Do You Provide?

We provide various personal care services to ensure our clients feel comfortable and safe. We are here to offer support with daily tasks, from helping with individual needs to assisting with mobility.


Mobility Assistance

If your dear one needs mobility support, our caregivers are here to offer a steady hand. We know how hard it can be for some seniors to move around. Our team assists with walking, general movement, and anything else that is needed. Don’t worry – every step they make will be safe with us.


Incontinence Care

Our caregivers are well-trained to provide kind and respectful incontinence care. We assist with the right products, like pads or adult diapers, to help seniors stay comfortable throughout the day. We always pay attention to skincare to ensure the skin stays clean and free from irritation.




Putting on clothes can be demanding for older adults. But with reliable help, dressing can become a nice and rewarding experience. We always respect personal preferences, ensuring our clients look and feel their best.




Personal hygiene is crucial for comfort and health. Our professional caregivers will provide gentle assistance during bath times. We ensure a warm, secure environment for seniors regardless of their conditions. From entering the bathroom to drying off, every step is handled with utmost care and dignity.

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Frequent Questions About Elderly Personal Care

Personal home care provides individualized support, improving daily living. Benefits include companionship, assistance with various activities, personalized care, and a warm, comfy environment.

The first signs include difficulty with daily tasks, personal hygiene challenges, or increased isolation. If your loved one struggles with self-care, personal care could be beneficial.

Yes. Our personal care providers are licensed with Certified Nursing Assistance (CNA).

Personal home care focuses on non-medical support, helping with daily activities. Home health care involves medical services provided by licensed healthcare professionals who know how to handle specific health needs.

The difference between personal care and respite care is that personal care offers ongoing assistance with daily tasks, while respite care provides temporary relief for family caregivers. Personal care is continuous, while respite care is intermittent.

Respite care can be scheduled for a few hours, a day, or even longer, depending on the family’s requirements. If you’re in need of professional respite care services, we’re here to ensure your loved one’s routine is maintained meticulously.

Personal home care services typically cost $35 per hour and up.

Yes, but we are only in a network with Long-Term Care (LTC) Insurance or Veterans Affairs (VA).

Yes, absolutely. Every time, services are tailored to meet each client’s specific needs.

Personal home care can be both. It can serve as a long-term solution for ongoing support or a temporary arrangement during recovery. It’s very flexible and designed to meet individual needs.

The process for selecting and matching a caregiver from our agency starts with a thorough check of the client’s needs, preferences, and personality. We then match a qualified caregiver based on skills, experience, and compatibility with the client’s personality.

We want to ensure you receive only the best in-home care services, so we take extra steps in our selection process. This thorough approach helps us provide personalized care that meets all your expectations.