Homemaking Care for Seniors in Oak Brook, IL

We love, we care, and it shows. No matter what you need, Home Care, Inc. is here to assist. With a kind touch, we help with personal care tasks, household chores, and anything else your aging loved one might need. We do all of that in the comfort of their own homes, always considering their wishes and well-being. We do our job with pride, ensuring that every client feels valued and cherished.

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What is Homemaking Care?

Homemaking care is assistance with household tasks in the daily living of older adults. This type of care often includes personal care services, ensuring older people keep their independence and comfort.

Our professional caregivers help with personal care tasks like bathing, dressing, and grooming. They also take on various household chores. From cleaning and cooking to running errands and ensuring your loved one’s safety, we are here to take care of everything.

The beauty of homemaking care is that it offers a human touch, warmth, and compassion. Caregivers provide companionship that is much-needed for seniors who might feel isolated or lonely. We love chatting over a hot cup of tea or coffee, and we thoroughly enjoy taking a brisk walk together! These moments of connection can be just as essential as health monitoring or other tasks.

With our homemaker services, your family members are always in safe, capable hands. We would love nothing more but to make each moment a little brighter and share those warm smiles for years to come.

What Are the Benefits of Homemaking Care for Seniors?

Home services promote good health, happiness, and independence. They greatly enhance the quality of daily living. Our job is to ensure elders live in a clean, organized environment and enjoy their days to the fullest.


There is no clean and functional environment without a good organization. Well-organized spaces are known to reduce stress - that's our daily job. We ensure everything has its place, encouraging a sense of order and calm for your loved ones.


Reliability is at the heart of our services. You can trust that we will always deliver consistent, high-quality care when needed. There is genuine comfort in knowing your older loved ones are in trustworthy hands so you can continue with your day calm and relaxed.

Improved Independence

Companion care helps with independence, especially for those struggling with memory loss or any other disabilities. It empowers people to enjoy their daily activities with support while maintaining dignity. This way, they can live their golden years to the fullest.

Professional Caregivers

Having a professional caregiver can make all the difference. We also offer respite care, giving your primary caregivers a well-deserved break. Caregivers at your own place are a warm alternative to a nursing home, as they bring joy and companionship, enriching many lives with their presence.

Friendly Conversations

Through home care services, the aging people receive the care needed and the joy of genuine conversations. Having someone to talk to daily is especially important for older adults, and we're here to offer that and so much more. Everyone deserves a kind, loving friend!


Familiarity provides a sense of comfort, security, and stability. Being in their own environment, surrounded by known objects and routines, helps older people feel less anxious. We are here to help turn every house into a warm home where everyone will feel valued and at ease.

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Why Choose Home Care, Inc. As Your Homemaking Care Service Provider?

Everyone here at Home Care, Inc. loves their job, and it shows! We don’t just provide homemaker services – we offer a thorough approach to cover all your loved ones’ needs. Our specialized services include respite services and offering emotional support to seniors. With us, they will never feel alone. We also provide dedicated Alzheimer’s care, addressing all their needs.

Moreover, we offer overnight care, so you will have the required support around the clock. Whether it is physical assistance with mobility, helping with laundry, or just having someone to talk to, everyone in our care gets the attention they deserve. We want to improve seniors’ quality of life and be there for them whenever they need us.

What Homemaking Care Services Do You Provide?

Our homemaking services go beyond just cleaning and organizing. Together, we make homes more vibrant, safe, and loving for every elder. We are here to make every moment matter, ensuring everyone enjoys the warmth and comfort they deserve.


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Grocery Shopping

As people get older, buying groceries on a daily basis can become challenging. Don’t worry – we are here to ensure everything from a shopping list makes it to the fridge! There will be no more stress of heading to the store alone.



Meal Preparation

Everyone loves good, nurturing food, and we are here to deliver! We will prepare nutritious meals that match the dietary needs and preferences of your loved ones. They will enjoy delicious and balanced meals every day, without exception.


Medication Reminders

Ensuring seniors take their medications on time is vital for their health. Our caregivers will ensure no doses are missed, so you don’t have to worry about anything. With our support, the elderly will adhere to their medication schedule promptly.


Light Housekeeping

Our housekeeping services include sweeping, mopping, dusting, and maintaining a tidy living space. We also handle laundry, changing bed linens, and decluttering. Your loved one’s environment will always remain clean and cozy.

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Accompany to Doctor Visits

Our caregivers offer companionship and support by accompanying the elderly to their medical appointments. We ensure they are comfortable and understand the doctor’s instructions. We will always relay any essential information back to you.

What Our Clients' Families Have to Say

Frequent Questions About Elderly Homemaking Care

Homemaking care is suitable for seniors, individuals with disabilities, or those recovering from surgery who need assistance with daily tasks. Homemaking care services help with maintaining a clean home and offer needed companionship.

While home health care focuses on medical needs, homemaking care centers around non-medical support. It covers tasks like cleaning, meal preparation, and companionship.

You should look for their experience within the industry and the training they received within Home Care, Inc.

Our care team works full-time as well as part-time. We strive to match their availability with the client’s schedule when creating shifts.

Yes, homemaking care includes support with meal preparation and reminders for medications. We help with maintaining a healthy and structured daily routine.

Yes, a background check is performed for every employee, and the references are checked as well.

Yes, homemaking care is highly customizable. We’re here to meet each client’s specific needs, preferences, and the level of assistance required.

Our homemaking care services typically cost $35 per hour and up.

Rest assured – both the privacy and dignity of your loved one are respected at all times. Our caregivers know how to keep a compassionate approach in all aspects of care. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Yes, our homemaking care services are available for individuals with dementia or special needs. Our caregivers are specially trained to create a safe and supportive environment. No matter the circumstances, we provide only the best Alzheimer’s and dementia home care for your dear ones.